Listed on this page are some of our menu items that are or can be made suitable for a range of different dietary requirements. If there's something on our menu that isn't listed here and you would like to know if it can be made to suit a specific dietary requirement, just ask!

Many of our menu items (particularly sweets) can be modified to suit a range of dietary requirements.

The dietary requirements we can meet are not limited to those identified below - if you're after something specific, just let us know and we'd be happy to help as best we can.

please note - We will let you know if the price of the item is extra based on your dietary requirement needs.

gluten free


Potato skins with dip

Prawn cocktails

Satay chicken skewers

Lamb & tzatziki skewers

Lamb & haloumi skewers

Vietnamese rolls with dipping sauce

Zucchini pinwheels


Thai fish cakes

Rice, leek & prosciutto frittata 

Flat roasted chicken with almond & mint

Lamb kofta

Mashed yellow turnips with crisp shallots

Massaman beef curry

Chicken green curry with asian veggies on rice

Chilli con carne

Mediterranean roast veggies

Mint and apple lamb cutlets

Parnsip Mash

Blackened bbq pork fillets




Caramelised onion relish

Green pepper & apple relish

Tomato relish


Chocolate pecan brownie

Choc champagne truffles

Choc orange kisses

Chocolate mousse

Coconut macaroons

Berries with white choc sauce

Jam drops

Butter scotch syrup

Meringue layer cake


Arancini balls basic

Vietnamese dipping rolls


Petite nachos

Mediterranean platter

Petite quiches


Carob spheres

Vietnamese rolls with dipping sauce

Vegan gourmet wrap

Tempura veggies

Vegetable skewers

dairy free

Carob spheres

Vietnamese rolls with dipping sauce

Chicken satay skewers

Salads (not all)