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1. I want to put an order in, when is the latest I can order?

We prefer that orders are made with at least 2 days notice, 1 week if it’s for a large function. However we can accept smaller (20-30 people) orders the day before if the order is made before 2PM. In this instance the order is best made over the phone, rather than via email.

2. Can I make changes to my order after it has been accepted?

Yes, as long as those changes are minor (e.g. small increases/decreases to quantities) and are made by 2PM the day before the function. However, major changes to the order must be made at least 1 week before the function (e.g. significant increase or decrease in quantities or major changes to the menu selection).

3. Is there are cancellation fee if I cancel my order?

Only if the cancellation is made at the last minute (the day before) or for large orders with a lot of perishables. The cancellation fee will only be for the amount of perishables already ordered in preparation for your function that cannot be used in another order made by another customer. As such each cancellation fee. If you have been charged, and paid the 25% deposit for a large order – the deposit will act as a cancellation fee, other payments made towards the invoice after the deposit will be refunded.

4. How do I know whether my order has been accepted?

For orders that do not require a deposit, an email from us confirming your order will be sent. For orders that require a deposit the sending of the invoice requesting the deposit should be considered as our acceptance of your order.

5. Do I have to pay a deposit for my order?

We only require a deposit for orders that are valued $2500 or more, and weddings (no matter the order size). The $2500 may include menu selections, staffing, and equipment hire.

6. Is there a minimum value that my order has to be? Or a minimum number of people catered for?

Yes. We do have a minimum order value of $150 (excluding delivery fees). But we do not have a minimum number of people/serves required for your order. We’re all about creating connections and building community, so no matter the size of your function we’d love the opportunity to help facilitate that by providing a meal (however small) to spend time with your family, friends and/or colleagues.

7. When do I need to confirm final numbers, dietary requirements, and other inclusions in my order?

For weddings – we need to confirm all details at least one week prior to the event. For all other functions we will need you to confirm the final details by 2PM the day before your function. For large events we will need confirmation at least 1 week before your function. If we haven’t received confirmation of numbers, dietary requirements or other inclusions we will send a follow up email at least 2 days before your function to confirm details.

8. Why is delivery of my food so close to the start of my function?

In order to ensure that the food ordered for your function is at its best – in presentation, temperature, texture, and flavour we prefer to deliver your items as close to serving time as possible. If you require delivery earlier than we suggest, we’re happy to accommodate you, just let us know during the ordering process.

9. I have feedback for Connections Catering – how can I share this with the business?

We’d love to hear any feedback you have to give us – doesn’t matter if it’s about something we need to improve on or just letting us know we did well. All feedback is welcome. We’re always looking to improve all aspects of the business. If you’d like to provide feedback or have a complaint – you can either let a staff member in person know when they’re picking up trays (and other equipment), give us a call, or send through an email. If you’d like to here back about your feedback, please let us know.

10. Is there a delivery fee?

Yes there is. Fee is variable upon location but is generally $20.

11. What areas do you cater for?

weddings & large private functions: South East QLD through to Northern NSW.

corporate & small functions: Brisbane city to Caboolture.

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1. What is your preferred method of payment?

Our preferred method of payment is via bank transfer. The invoice you receive will have our bank account details for you to make the transfer.

2. What if I need to pay with credit card?

We accept credit card. When making payment please call up with your details so we can process the transaction. Please note, this method of payment attracts a 2% transaction fee. The transaction fee is the added by payment gateway, and is not ours.

3. Can I pay cash on delivery?

Yes, however this is not our preferred method of payment, because the invoice is usually sent after the completion of your function. Under special circumstances we can accept this form of payment.

4. When will I get an invoice for payment?

Generally, we will send your invoice after your order has been completed. For weddings (and orders over $2500) we will send an invoice requesting your deposit before your function.

5. Why is my invoice being sent through after my order has been completed?

This is to ensure that if any last minute changes were made to your order (as is often the case) you can make a single payment, instead of making multiple payments and avoiding confusion about what was or For weddings – we will send through an invoice prior to your function, this is because we require a deposit and because we’d like to help you settle payment before you escape on your honeymoon! If we do send through an invoice following your wedding it’ll have on it any last minute changes to your order as discussed via email, over the phone, or in person.

If you receive your invoice and think an error has been made – please notify us as soon as possible and we will endeavour to make any corrections if necessary.

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High Tea Selection


1. Can I order something that isn’t on the menu or customise a dish/item?

Yes, we’re happy to discuss alternative options with you if you’re after something specific on your menu and you can’t find it on our website. If you have a theme for your function, let us know and we’ll do our best to develop a menu that suits the theme. If you’re a big foodie and want a particular item at your wedding – tell us and we’ll do our best. If we can’t meet your needs exactly, we’ll do our best to find a middle ground.

2. I have included menu items for a guest who has a food allergy / intolerance, and needed have an item customised, why do I have to pay more?

We wish we could provide for dietary requirements without having to increase the price, however because many of the ingredients required to create menu items that meet special dietary requirements are more expensive or the process for creating the item is more labour intensive we need to cover these extra costs with a slightly higher price.

3. I like the sound of a few different menu items, but am concerned they won’t taste as good as they sound. Can I ask for a tasting?

Of course you can! We enjoy meeting our customers face-to- face and so relish the opportunity to provide a tastings. If you’d like a tasting (and haven’t already been offered one) just let us know and we’ll organise it for you. We generally do tastings free of charge, however if you’re wanting a large sample (either in different items or for more than 3 people) then we’ll need to charge a small fee per person. The fee will be subtracted from the total of your order if you decide to go ahead.

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equipment hire

1. Do I need to hire platters, serving bowls, utensils and other equipment for serving my menu items?

Our menu selections come presented on bamboo platters or in bamboo bowls with any utensils needed to serve your food. If you need things like crockery, cutlery, glassware, linen, etc. these are available for hire at an additional cost.

2. Is there a cost for the delivery and collection of any equipment I hire?

For medium-large functions (typically weddings) where equipment has been hired, and equipment is being delivered prior to the function and collected following the function there is an equipment handling fee of $60.00 (includes $30 for delivery and $30 for pickup).

The collection means staff can leave your function and you can continue drinking with the glassware as you party and dance the night away!

3. Can I get the equipment I’ve hired delivered before the function so I can set it up myself?

Yes, we’re happy to deliver tables, chairs, crockery, cutlery, etc. to you a day or two before your event so you can set everything up the way you like and keep your stress levels down by not having to worry about last minute set up on the day of the function. Typically for a weekend function equipment will be delivered on a Thursday or Friday.  Delivery times for equipment only cannot be guaranteed, but we will try our best to accommodate - if equipment is being delivered with menu selections delivery time will be the agreed upon time.

4. When will the equipment I’ve hired/received my food on be collected?

If you’re just getting food delivered – most of our items are presented on trays – we’ll organise with you either via email as we work out your order or in person when we deliver the food when and where we’ll be picking up the equipment after the function. For medium-large functions (typically weddings) where equipment has been hired and requires collection - typically pickup will occur on Monday or Tuesday. Sunday collection of equipment is unavailable. Pick up times cannot be guaranteed, but we will try our best to accommodate.

5. What happens if something I’ve hired (including any equipment the food is delivered in/on) is lost or damaged?

We will, unfortunately, require you to pay for the replacement of those items. The replacement fee is variable, and the amount will depend on what equipment you have lost or damaged. We will of course give you an opportunity to find and return anything we suspect has been lost.

6. Can I put the bamboo trays in the oven to keep my food warm?

No, our bamboo trays aren’t oven safe. They can be put in the fridge. The trays have specific care and maintenance requirements. We love our bamboo trays because they’re one of the more environmentally friendly options and we source them from businesses that have strong ethical standards.

7. Can I recycle the disposable items I’ve included in my order?

We’re very happy to be able to tell you that all of our disposable plates, forks, knives, serviettes, lunch boxes, and cups are biodegradable and even compostable. Our wrapping on the trays is also biodegradable. We endeavour to only provide recyclable, biodegradable and/or compostable single use items because we care about the environment but also understand that sometimes single use items are more convenient (and cheaper) than non-disposable options.

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staff hire

1. Are there a minimum number of hours staff can be hired for?

Yes, because of the Award that the staff members are contracted under the minimum number of hours staff can work on a single shift is 3 hours.

2. Why are the staff hours so high, my function isn’t going for that long / I don’t need staff on site for that long?

The time we allow for staffing includes (as standard) travel time, unpacking and repacking the van, kitchen set up, food preparation, food service, and cleaning. We are happy to negotiate the hours you have staff on site. However, please keep in mind we also need to cover other costs involved in providing staff for your function. If you’re worried about keeping costs down, let us know and we’ll work with you to come up with a suitable solution – whether that’s reducing staff hours or something else depends on your function and your needs.

3. Why are there so many staff members allocated for my function?

The number of staff we recommend for your function depends on the number of guests, the style of function (e.g. formal sit-down meal – alternate drop or share platter mains, cocktail style, etc.), whether there is a bar or not, and the menu items selected. We use our experience of past functions as a guide for our recommendations, but as with the number of hours staff are on site, we’re happy to negotiate this and work with you to find a suitable solution if you’re worried about keeping costs down.

4. Why are the rates for staff hire different for different days?

This is because of the Award that the staff members are contracted under.

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If you have a question that is not answered above, please contact us, and we will get back to you.